directions for use

Our Skin Care Systems have been created to target specific needs and revitalize your youthful appearance. Each system has a careful blend of nature and science to repair everything from damaged skin, to clearing and reducing breakouts, and even reverse the signs of aging. It is recommended to start the NuJuva Skin Care System two weeks before beginning the NuJuva Peel Kit System.

Peel Kit Systems

Professional peel results in the convenience and privacy of your home.

Important: The Peel Kit System is only to be used once a week.

Here's how in four easy steps:

On a makeup free face apply the All Purpose Bamboo Facial Scrub in circular motions. Rince off thoroughly and allow the skin to dry.

Follow with our Exclusive Peel Pads (Clarity, Replenish, or Regenerate). Apply product from the peel pad to your face and neck. Lightly wipe the peal pad over the skin surface. (Note: Avoid the eye area). Do not go over any area of the face and neck more then once. A mild stinging or burning sensation can occur but will subside in minutes after application. Warning: Do not use the Clarity Peel Pads if you have an allergy to aspirin.

Apply the NuJuva Purifying Mask and let the product remain on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Rinse beautifully cleansed fresh skin and apply your customized appropriate moisturizer.

Note: After completing the Peel Kit System, always apply an SPF30 sunscreen daily to protect from sun exposure.

You will smile as you look in the mirror at your professional achieved at home! (Pass this along to only your best friends).

Warnings: Only use as instructed. Our Exclusive Peel Pads are meant for cellular regeneration and help dissolve excess oil, cellular buildup, and for the purpose of lightening, brightening, and anti-aging purposes. Mild flaking and peeling can occur with use. This is not uncommon and with repeated use the skin will become acclimated to use of the product in most cases.

If swelling, oozing or crusting occur discontinue use. A topical cortisone cream will relieve irritation in most cases after 2-3 days. It can take 5-7 days for skin to stabilize back to a more normal condition. After that time frame has passed the skin will be smooth and softer even after the peeling has occurred.