7 Ideas to Fill Their Baskets


Ready or not, here comes Peter Cottontail. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the child-like pleasure of an Easter basket overflowing with goodies. Make sure every bunny’s basket is stuffed with these sweet gift ideas.



Your Garden is Amazing Rabbit Tote

Pack the party (or the groceries, the library books, or anything else!) in this cute-as-can-be, spring-themed tote. BONUS: It can double as a “basket,” if you’re looking for a practical yet non-traditional option.




Yoga Rabbits

Repeat after me: “Om.” These three furry friends have the right attitude about the holiday—less stress and more reflection. Give these to a loved one who may need a friendly reminder.




Pink Butterfly Solar Stake

Stake your claim to a beautiful garden display with a butterfly that comes to life at night. Simply plant her in a sunny spot and she’ll absorb rays to glow after dark.



All You Need Mug

Drink up the good stuff—like faith, family, and friends. This colorful mug is a perfect surprise for any coffee drinker come Easter morning.


Flower Packet Jewelry

You know a good seed when you see one. Remind a friend of how special she is with a garden-inspired set of earrings or a necklace.




Guardian Pocket Angel

Who needs falling stars when you can put a guardian angel in your pocket? This small, silver winged wonder is a must-have that makes a sweet addition to any basket.


Ceramic Heart Bells

The heart rings true—especially when it comes to this colorful set. Let the Easter bunny deliver these to that special friend who has a bigger-than-life heart for those around her.


Show New Moms Some Love


Their little bundle of joy has likely been showered with gifts, but new moms (or new moms-to-be) could use a little love as well. Whether it’s a sweet keepsake or something that’s sure to make her laugh after a long day of diaper duty, show her you care with one of these girls-only gifts.


For a Dear Daughter

Remind her that she’s the first baby you loved with this sentimental past, present, and future plaque.




When She’s Had a Looooong Day

Long days are part of the equation (and beauty!) of motherhood. If you think she’s so tired she might cry, make her laugh with this well-measured goblet.




For the Mama Bear…err Elephant

Protecting our little ones is just one of the joys of being a mom. Celebrate this with an adorable mother/child elephant pair. BONUS: It makes an excellent addition to nursery décor.




Remind Her That She’s “Everything”

With a picture as sweet as the sentiment, this artwork is sure to convey the gratitude and love her little one already feels for her.




Make Mom Laugh

When cries and dirty diapers amass, give mom a chuckle with a tongue-in-cheek romper made just for baby.

You’re In Luck… Seven Picks for a Slightly Greener St. Patrick’s Day


You and your home don’t have to be decked in head-to-toe green to share in the fun of St. Patrick’s Day. However, a little pinch of green never hurt anyone. Show your Irish pride or love of the holiday with one of these seven finds.


Waist Knot

Inspired by Parisian fashions, this belt is sure to keep you from getting pinched come March 17th.




Let the Sun Shine

Beacons of green (yes, green!) can illuminate your home with this Tiffany-style stained glass panel. Thanks to this artisan-crafted piece, you can put your Irish pride (or admiration) on display.




Truthful Accolade

You can’t please everyone, but you can please yourself. Make this green keychain your lucky find for St. Patrick’s Day, and it will serve as a reminder to stay true to yourself year-round.


Write On

Tie one on—around your neck, that is, with this green-and-white ombré tinted scarf. Embellished with friendly phrases and whimsical drawings, it’s an accessory that keeps thoughts of loved ones near.



PSST! Check out this version created specially for nurses.




Put a Little Green in Your Heart

Send a loving message by hanging this heart as a part of your green décor. Bonus: It can double as a Valentine’s Day decoration or even be used throughout the year.


Gnome Way

This gnome isn’t cutting anyone any slack. Display him in your kitchen to get the message across to your peeps.



Shut Up & Kiss Me

You might be thinking leprechaun rather than frog when it comes to March 17th. However, this green fellow is a everyday prince who can add cheer to your stoop AND hide an extra key to your home.


6 Ways to Show You Care


We’ve all gone through a rough patch. Some only run the course of a day, while others seem to linger. Whatever the circumstances, encourage a loved one who might be feeling aggravated, blue, or unappreciated with a thoughtful—or humorous—gift.


A Job Well Done

They care for us almost as much as our moms do. Show a special teacher or nurse how much she is loved and appreciated—especially when the days are rough—with one of these candles featuring a sweetly stated message.




Emergency Preparedness

Sometimes the best defense against a bad day or a bad mood is preparedness. Make sure your bestie is prepped for anything life throws her way with this assortment of pepper spray, a glammed-up hammer, and a rose gold first aid clutch (all sold separately).




Get It, Girl!

Her day will start and end on a positive note with words of encouragement from two old friends—ahem, drinks we mean—who will be always be there for her.




Steel Magnolia

Everyone knows a flower that refuses to wilt. Remind her just how special and strong she truly is with a jewelry dish that states the obvious.




Step Into the Ring

She’ll be ready to fight the good fight with this go-anywhere pouch that touts the toughness of girls.  

Bottoms Up 

How does the saying go, “If you don’t laugh about it, you might cry?” Help a friend make lemonade (with a splash or two of vodka) with this smile-inducing glass.

Don’t Get Cold Feet


Shoes always seem to garner compliments, but they need not be the only fun, cute things on your feet. Cozy up to a pair of colorful, statement-making socks that are sure to spread a smirk across your face and bring warmth to your toes.




You run the show—whatever that show may be. Tell them who is in charge with these to-the-point socks.




For the Dogs

Only a dog-person could understand the bond you share with your four-legged friends. Keep your own two legs (or feet, rather) cozy while you snuggle up with man’s best friend with a canine-friendly print.





Grow fins of your own with a set of sea-worthy socks made for a mermaid wannabe.




Crazy Cat Lady

Love is unconditional when it comes the relationship between girls and their cats. Wear these socks as a badge of the mutual admiration felt by you and your felines.




Family Matters

If you feel like you have a three-ring circus under your roof, you can relate to this message. Wear your crazy proudly this playful pair of socks.


Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day!


Last week we shared a few ideal ways to treat your girls on February 14. This week, it’s all about you! Practice some self-love and self-care this month with one (or all!) of these ideas that are sure to boost your spirits and make you feel the love—for yourself, that is. #treatyoself


Send Roses to Yourself

Real petals fade but the beauty of this necklace and matching earrings will last the whole year.




Pamper Your Skin

You go to spin class for your heart, and keep up with the weekly crossword for your brain; it only makes sense that you would treat your largest organ to a little TLC designed specifically to care for its needs.

Let It Go

Is there a situation in your life that’s been keeping you up at night? Write your thought—or even just one word—to describe it on a slip of paper, tuck it in this box, and give it to God. You’re sure to feel lighter after you release your worries.




Embrace the Calm

Tranquility is one thing that most women can appreciate—and often desire. Treat yourself to a bit of everyday, mood-boosting peace with a set of bracelets that feature Amazonite beads, which are thought to have properties that calm the brain and nervous system. BONUS: They look great with pretty much everything in your closet.




Have a Good Laugh

Like they say, laughter is the best medicine. Have a few giggles with a book that is filled to the brim with witty (and often wise) words and illustrations that cover a multitude of life situations.


Show Your Galentines Some Love


February 14th is just days away, which means it’s time to show your loved ones how much you care—especially your girls. Start with an idea that’s straight from the heart, and they are sure to feel loved the whole year.


Give a Meaningful Gift


Metal Heart with Arrow Dish

Thoughtful gifts (especially ones in the shape of a heart!) are a tangible reminder of your love and friendship. Each time she drops her keys or jewelry in this dish, she’ll think of you.



Cook Up a Girlfriends-Only Meal



Like they always say, “food is the way to a woman’s heart.” Do you girlfriends prefer enchiladas and margaritas or pasta and wine? Chances are you already know their food love language; now speak it with a meal and gathering cooked up just for them.



Say “Om” Together



Yoga Class Plaque

Raising into a Sun Salutation equals relaxation for some; while for others, it’s raising a glass. Whichever camp you fall into, invite your nearest and dearest to join you while you unwind and clear your head. They’re sure to love the no-agenda quiet time as much you do.



Curl Up on the Sofa With a Favorite Movie



Whether you want to laugh until you pee your pants or you’re in need of a good girlfriends-only cry, turn to the silver screen. Plan a night of PJs and popcorn to show the ladies in your life how much you love them. What’s more, it’s almost a guarantee that both giggles and tears will make an appearance.

Survive the Snow Days!


For most, snow days conjure up two scenes: the first being that of snowball fights, hot chocolate by the fire, and cuddles on the couch; the second being a house full of cold, hungry family members with a serious case of cabin fever—and all that it entails. If you fall into the second camp, seek solace and comfort from these quick fixes.


For Cold Feet:

Octavia Slipper

No need to putter around the house in old, tired socks. Upgrade your slipper style with a pair of faux fur mules that send a dainty-meets-comfortable message.




For Bored Hands & Minds:

Bad Girls Throughout History
Curl up with a book that will inspire you to live life to fullest—once the snow melts. This hardcover tome tells the tales of women who changed history in revolutionary ways.





For a Growling Stomach:

Grub Mugs

You really shouldn’t have to waste a perfectly good snow day in the kitchen. Cook your meals in these handy mugs (conveniently sold in a set of four) that feature microwavable recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and—our favorite—dessert.For Thirsty Lips:

How Was Your Day Wine Glass

What’s that? School was cancelled for the third time this week. No need to explain, put yourself in the “Don’t Ask, Just Pour” category.






For Tired Eyes: 

Nap Queen Pillow

When all else fails, rest your eyes. There are few things that a good nap can’t cure—and for many people, it’s a favorite snow day perk.


It’s Opposite Day!


You remember the days of elementary school—a time when your “yes” meant “no” and your “no” meant “yes.” Relive your youth by taking part in National Opposite Day, which is celebrated on Thursday, January 25. Here are four ways we’re playing the opposite card.



• When You Just Want to Hug Everyone Around You

Classic DAMMIT! Dolls

Not everything can be “hugged out.” For those times, when air punches and screaming aren’t enough, take it out on the DAMMIT! doll.



• When You’re Having a Great Hair Day

Mermaid Hair Don’t Care Hat

Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For those days when it seems nowhere to be found, grab your hat and go. No one will ever know you’re having a less-than-great hair day.



• When Someone Forgets You’re the Awesome Sibling

Awesome Sister Mug

Thanks to this simply stated mug, she’ll remember just how truly fabulous you are every time she pours a cup of coffee.



• When You’re Minding Your Manners


Swear Jar

If your Ps & Qs happen to be tossed to the wayside, don’t worry; you can redeem yourself with a good old-fashioned swear jar.


6 of Our Favorite Sayings to Share with Your Besties

You know those phrases you love? They are the ones you repeat over and over—and with good reason; they ring true! We’ve rounded up a few that are too spot-on (and some that are too hilarious) not to commit to memory or place in plain sight as a daily reminder.


Never Put Your Key to Happiness in Someone Else’s Pocket


It’s you (and only you!) who determines your happiness; so don’t let anyone else stand in the way of your smile.



We’ll Be Friends Until We Are Old and Senile…Then We’ll Be New Friends


Maybe you went to kindergarten together or met when your own babies started school—no matter when you crossed paths, she’s a friend that will stand the test of time and then some.



Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys


Sitting back and keeping our lips zipped can be tough, but it’s so freeing! Keep your eyes on your own drama and you might gain a bit of peace of mind. When in doubt, refer again to the first phrase in this list.



Kindness. It Doesn’t Cost a Thing. Sprinkle that Shit Everywhere.



That’s right—spread it all around the world. It’s the free gift that we all have the ability to give.



It’s Not Really Hoarding If You Have Cool Stuff


As long as it’s interesting to you, it’s valuable, right? Plus, you’ll save a ton of time by NOT cleaning out those closets.



Inner Beauty is Great, But a Little Lipstick Never HurtLike mama always said, don’t leave the house without your lips.