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Born in the USA


Shopping local and purchasing American-made goods are ways of life for many of us. With America’s 242nd birthday on the horizon, now is a better time than ever to pick up a few finds made right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Made in America pieces.




This made-in-the-USA, skinny bracelet is handcrafted and fully adjustable to fit any wrist size, and it bears an important, uplifting message for ALL women: “Nevertheless, She Persisted.” Bonus: It’s made from recycled, lead-free pewter.

STYLIST TIP: Pair monochromatic silver, gold, or rose gold cuffs with a tee that features stars or stripes (or both!) for an effortless yet sophisticated Fourth of July look.





Knotty pine is the background for the wise words on this “Key to Happiness” plaque that was handcrafted in the United States. Take it’s meaning to heart or gift it to a friend who is going through a rough patch.

STYLIST TIP: Create a “sayings wall” by grouping together a number of plaques that feature favorite phrases in a gallery-type grid.





This sweet mermaid is another American-made find that can add style to your home—specifically to the outdoors. Whether you live near the beach or are just fond of the sea, this decorative piece will serve as a reminder of your happy place.

STYLIST TIP: Place stones or statues in prominent locations of the garden where plants might not thrive. They’ll add interest in areas that could otherwise be overlooked.





Americans are funny—especially Erin Smith, the creative behind these laugh-out-loud sayings. Girlfriends who swing by for a beer are sure to enjoy these humorously stated coasters as much as you will.

STYLIST TIP: Keep coasters in plain sight in all of your communal spaces. Your guests won’t have to hunt for a napkin or hold onto their drinks in an effort to protect your furniture.

Find Your Zen


Can you say, “Namaste?” Or, perhaps, it’s more like “Nah, I’ma Stay Home” in your mind. Whatever the case, tune out the hubbub of daily life and find inner peace with these quick ideas.



Have a Spa Night

Block off the calendar and schedule some “me” time, complete with a luxurious bath robe, a mani and pedi, and a facial, of course. Start with the NuJuva Replenish Peel Kit. It will both exfoliate and soothe your skin, leaving you with a glow. Don’t forget to set the mood with some spa-inspired music and scents.




Unplug to Unwind

Regain your focus by going “unplugged” for one day. Walk through the house and turn off any televisions, radios, tablet, computers, or phones that might vie for your attention. Rather than giving it to them, turn your focus to loved ones. Cook a gourmet meal, go for a walk, or simply play in the floor with your kids. You might also use the time to get lost in a book, write notes to loved ones, pray, or meditate.




Light a Candle

There’s something about a burning candle that seems to make us want to exhale. Release the stress of your day and place your hope in tomorrow by lighting your favorite votive scent and placing it in this decorative, prayer-inscribed candleholder.

For a different twist on a traditional burning candle, try this unique, plug-in wax warmer that features The Serenity Prayer.




Commune with Nature

If you’re having trouble finding some peace (and quiet) indoors, head out to the garden for a bit of R&R. It’s been said that digging in the dirt can be good for the soul. Plant a grouping of your favorite blooms in a cheerful container (We like this frog one!). If you’ve already planted flowers or vegetable, pick a few to share with a neighbor. Kindness can go a long way in finding your own inner peace.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Season


Wedding season is here! Follow “the rules” and celebrate the bride and groom you love with a little help from these suggestions.



DO pamper the bride. She’s dreamed of this day for years, so let her bask in the glow of being in love with a few just-for-fun gifts that are fit for a bride. May we suggest the “Happy Wife” hat, an RBF (resting bride face) cosmetic bag, or a sweet heart dishette for her new bling?

DON’T forget the groom. Give him a pair of “In Case of Cold Feet” socks (also available for brides) and a plaque that gives him free reign to love her annoyingly.




DON’T offer marital advice. Everyone loves to dish out sage pieces of wisdom, but we’ve found it can be best to hold your tongue until it is solicited.

DO offer encouragement and support. If you’re hosting a shower or engagement party, have guests drop a note with well wishes into this keepsake jar. The pair can read and re-read the thoughts for years to come.




DON’T wear white to the wedding. It’s the bride’s day to shine—not yours.

DO look fab-u-lous in any other shade. If you choose a neutral shade, give the look a punch of color with earrings, a necklace (try this charming heart option), or a wrap in a vivid hue.




DON’T opt for a vacuum cleaner as a gift—or any small appliance for that matter. No one wants to be remembered as “the one who sent that lovely toaster.”

DO select a gift that shows your love for the couple. We like this sweet “Two Shall Become One” plaque. You might also choose something that not only shows your admiration for them but also reflects your personality.




DO show the MOB and MOG some love, too. Planning a wedding is a family affair and they can use your support. These mugs will hold enough coffee to fuel the festivities and there’s an option for both the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom.

DON’T forget dear old dad. Make pulling out his checkbook (once again) a little easier to swallow with imprinted old-fashioned glasses.

Make an Entrance: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal


Ready to give your home’s entrance a dose of personality? We’ve got five quick and easy ways to spruce up your stoop and make it a reflection of you—as well as your home’s interior.



1. Do a Clean Sweep

Clean sheets make you sleep better (it’s a fact, right?). So naturally, a clean front stoop or entry is going to give you that same organized, calming feeling. Get the broom and water hose out and give your steps, windows, and door a good, old-fashioned scrub to wash away the dirt and grime.




2. Banish Beige

Do you have a favorite color? Whether it’s grass green, barn red, or azure blue, consider making it the hue of choice for your front door. Painting your door a color that you love gives guests and passersby a hint at your personality—and most likely a glimpse of what’s to come in terms of your home’s interior palette and accessories.





3. Hit the Mats

You can also add a little personality with a doormat that doesn’t beat around the bush. Let them know you don’t “give a hoot” or that solicitors are discouraged.





4. Grow Wild

Nothing adds vitality (and color!) to the front stoop more quickly or effectively than a container garden. Pot your favorites in a planter and enjoy watching them grow from spring to fall. If you want to add a little something extra to your container, consider incorporating a sculpture into the planting. This colorful option spins with the wind.




5. Make Music

You don’t need to own a guitar to make music on the front porch. Hang a wind chime or two, and let Mother Nature create her own tune. This flower-embellished version is a fun way to bring a punch of color to your entry along with the relaxing lull of the chimes. If you just want to add color without the sounds of the chimes, check out this hanging stones piece.

Be a Gardening Goddess


Not everyone has a green thumb; fortunately, you can train yourself to “grow” one. Follow these quick gardening tips, and everyone will assume you’ve been at this for years, even if you don’t know a fork from a trowel.


#1 Dress the Part



Have you ever heard the phrases, “dress for the job you want” or “fake it till you make it?” Well, they both apply here, even if you don’t know what you’re doing in the garden, you can look like you do. Start with a pair of durable gardening gloves, a hat to keep the sun off your face (we love this option), and clothes that won’t mind a layer of dirt.



#2 Group Like Plants



Whether you’re using containers or planting in beds, group sun plants with sun plants and shade plants with shade plants. Since their light and watering requirements are similar, they will have a better chance of thriving. Plus, it makes maintenance and watering much easier.



#3 Water Wisely



Speaking of watering, it’s important to give your plants the right amount of water. Check the moisture level of the soil and add water when it feels dry. As a general rule of thumb, water your plants every day during peak summer temperatures. If you’re concerned you are overwatering go back to checking the moisture levels and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Of course, every plant is different, so be sure to research your selection’s watering needs and follow its cues. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, too. Keep this tumbler  close at hand as you pot plants and weed the garden.



#4 Provide a Meal



Blooms can benefit (and multiply) when they are fed, so consider giving your garden a bit of plant food. Again, look to your plant tag or do a bit of research to see what your plants might like best. Plants like to be fed about every two weeks for best results.



#5 Pick Your Posies



Don’t let all that hard work go to waste, be sure to cut a few of your blooms to arrange in a vase, so you can enjoy their beauty both indoors and out. They also make great get-well gifts or birthday presents.

How to Pack for the Beach!


Does the lure of sand and sea call to you this time of year? Use this quick guide to make the task of packing for your getaway as easy as…well, a day at the beach.


Step 1: Find a cute bag.


Let’s face it, easy breezy travel is all about having the right bag; translation: cute bag. You can toss all of your towels and beach reads into this mermaid tote, but you should probably pack a crossbody purse (we love this option for shopping and excursions. And might we suggest stowing your war paint in this “legendary” bag?


Step 2: Gather all your accessories.


Once you’ve selected your bags, move on the really good stuff—jewelry. Even though you’re likely to spend your days in a swimsuit, you can still accessorize with a cute pair of seaworthy earrings. Plus, you’ll need to throw in a few necklaces (don’t skip this go-with-anything option that also has matching earrings!) for those dressy dinners.


Step 3: Don’t forget the sun and sand gear.


First and foremost, you’ll want to pack your favorite beach blanket, so you can claim a sweet spot in the sun. If you’re in the market for a new one, how cute is this cupcake? Secondly, good hair days are few and far between at the beach, so make sure you have a cute hat (hola beaches!) to cover your locks. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated during those games of beach volleyball, so don’t forget to toss an insulated tumbler, like this one, in your bag.


Step 4: Turn on your “Out of Office,” stow your tray table, and prepare for departure.



Think Outside of the {JEWELRY} Box


Why go plain Jane when you can turn heads with a few key pieces of jewelry? Show the world your style with earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace that will make a statement (and maybe even send a message). Here are five of our top picks.



Who Runs the World?

There’s no beating around the butterfly bush when it comes to this necklace. Let the world know you’re head of the hive with an earthy, natural wood piece that gets your point across AND goes with anything.




Share Your Heart

Beautiful yet casual enough for everyday wear, this sweetly stated bracelet is the perfect way to let a friend know you’ll always be there.


Stack multiple bracelets on one arm or layer necklaces for a look that’s appears collected over time and is personalized to you.



Let There Be Justice

Express your point of view with a supremely simple necklace featuring feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Whether you’re rallying for women’s rights or navigating the grocery store checkout lane, the Justice will be with you in all you do.




That’s a Wrap

Express your point of view with a supremely simple necklace featuring feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Whether you’re rallying for women’s rights or navigating the grocery store checkout lane, the Justice will be with you in all you do.


STYLIST TIP: Pair bold earrings and necklaces with a classic white or black T-shirt and jeans for quick and easy look that doesn’t skimp on style.



Be Eclectic

No need to reserve this pair for Día de Muertos, these sugar skull earrings are a fun conversation piece that’s sure to turn heads (pun intended!) wherever you go.

7 Ways to Show Moms Some Love


Mark your calendar! Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 13 to be exact!). If you’re wondering what to get your mom, your daughter, a special aunt, or a good friend, we’ve got a few ideas. Check out these seven ideas to show all the moms in your life how special they are on Mother’s Day and every day!



Plan a ‘Her’ Day

What do moms want to do on their special day? Anything they please, of course. Make a list of her favorite things and then spend the day with her, all the while checking each box. For example, you might schedule mani/pedi appointments, cook her favorite dinner, or go for a walk with her on a trail she loves.




Take the Party Outdoors

Set up an al fresco brunch for you, your mom, your daughter, and any other friends and family you want to celebrate. Decorate your table with finds from the garden, like these mini wire chair pots, which also make great take-home favors for your guests.




Pamper the Queen

Don’t ask Mom to lift a finger on her special day—unless it’s to ring her wine glass bell or press the button for more champagne. Indulge her in relaxation by suggesting she grab a good book and head to the pool or curl up in her favorite chair with a beloved romantic comedy—all the while you can refill her glass.




Make a Get Away

Don’t limit Mother’s Day to 24 hours; pack a suitcase and make a weekend of it. Think of a destination your loved one has always dreamt of seeing or revisit a beloved city. Either way, it’s the time you spend together that you’ll both treasure the most.




Share a Secret

Can you keep a secret? Neither can we, but these bracelets can! Remind your daughter or a favorite teacher to follow her dreams or (at the very least) put on some lipstick with wrist-wear that spells out the message in Morse code.




Have a Laugh on You

Whether physically speaking or figuratively, chances are you’re turning into to your mother (perhaps, this pillow says it best). Look at old photos, yearbooks, and home movies to share a laugh at the similarities and determine just how much you look and act like your mom.

Give a Meaningful Token

After all the festivities and fun, make sure you show mom how special she is with a gift from the heart. These pewter bracelets feature etched flowers that represent each of the twelve months. Choose your birth month as a special surprise for mom.

They Call It Puppy Love: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pooch


Think Fetching & Catching

Frisbees, tennis balls, and squeaky toys; these are a few of your dog’s favorite things. Toss a toy down your hallway for your Maltese, or play Frisbee in the backyard with your Lab. Get the whole family involved for an activity that can burn energy and promote togetherness.




Play Dress Up

When you look good, you feel good—and we’re not just talking about humans; the same goes for dogs. Whether it’s a new bandana, like this superhero option, a collar, or a leash, a few new accessories are sure to have your pup’s tail wagging.

Make New Friends

Head to the dog park and both you and Fido are likely to meet new pals. Plus, your dog can enjoy the obvious benefit of exercise. In many urban areas, dog parks have evolved into owner/pet venues that serve food and beverages—meaning you can both relax after a long day. Cheers to that!




Cuddle on the Couch

Rainy days, Sunday afternoons, and those times when you aren’t feeling your best—these are all perfect opportunities to cuddle up with your pup. Pop a bowl of popcorn to share, choose between drama and comedy, grab a pillow (we love the one shown here), and simply relax.

Take a Hike (or at least a walk!)

Grab a leash (check out this cute leash hook) and head to the great outdoors with your best friend. Check your state park listings for dog-friendly trails and make an afternoon of exploring a few wide, open spaces. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a portable bowl to keep you both hydrated.


Here Comes That Rainy Day

Do April showers have you stuck indoors? Rather than wishing the rain away, relish the day with these four easygoing activities.


Journal Your Thoughts

Much more than blank lined pages, this interactive journal gives you the opportunity to earn witty merit badges based on your entries. Made for female empowerment, it’s the perfect way to reflect on stormy afternoon.

Sip Coffee with a Friend

Even if the weather is warm, rainy days can have us longing for a comforting cup of hot coffee or tea. Share it with your girl squad in these cute mugs that will always remind you of your support and admiration for one another.

Sit Down with a “Riotous” Read

Looking for a little inspiration on a gloomy morning? Turn the pages of this tome for stories about women who lived outside the lines and made headlines. She Caused a Riot has 100 stories of women who were royalty, feminism activists, and everything in between.

Curl Up for Nap

Rainy days were made for napping, and a nap can only get better when you share it with man’s best friend. Snuggle up with a cozy blanket, this pillow, and Fido for an afternoon of rest in the rain.