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4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

We're in the thick of winter, where cold, gray days may seem to loom ahead like an unending line. If you're not one to relish the cool of winter, cheer yourself up by looking ahead to spring and taking some time to focus on you. Here are four ways to beat the winter blues.

Plan a Spring Trip

Even if you can't escape the gray days of winter just yet, you can start planning for it. Set a date in the early spring for a girls' weekend, romantic getaway, or a family vacation. Choose a warm, tropical locale or a place where you can be active (think ski vacation) and enjoy the outdoors. Just the thought of having a getaway in the near future can boost your mood and outlook. And...it's never too early to start pulling together all your travel essentials. We can't resist this Unicorn Travel Cushion for plane rides or long car trips.

Get Out

While you wait for that vacation to arrive, get outside the house. During the winter, we have a tendency to wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Break the cycle with a brisk (yes, we know it's chilly) walk through the neighborhood before work or on the weekend. Want to be a little more adventurous? Bike to get groceries or play tourist in your own town, walking to all the major destinations. If it snows, catch snowflakes on your tongue and sled with the kids. Just be sure to watch out for ice patches!

Practice a Little Self Care

While you're hibernating, give yourself a little TLC. Start with a long soak in the tub, then give yourself an at-home mani and pedi in a fun color that will have you daydreaming about sunnier days. When your nails are dry, kick up your feet in a pair of cozy socks like these Guardian Angel ones.

If a spa day, isn't your thing, practice a little practical self-care by cleaning out your closets and creating donation or giveaway piles. Tidying up your space can send positive energy your way.

Find Upbeat Entertainment

It may not be the time to dive into War and Peace; instead, choose a light-hearted read. We're talking the kind of book you would pick up for a girls' weekend at the beach, something low-key and with an ending that won't leave you sobbing. It can also be a good time for a self-help title. Researching and learning more about areas we want to improve or grow, can give us something to look forward to in the future - much like that spring trip. The same goes for music; don't let yourself be lured into a drab, melancholy playlist. Turn up a cheerful soundtrack or tune into a positive podcast.