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6 of Our Favorite Sayings to Share with Your Besties

You know those phrases you love? They are the ones you repeat over and over - and with good reason; they ring true! We've rounded up a few that are too spot-on (and some that are too hilarious) not to commit to memory or place in plain sight as a daily reminder.

Never Put Your Key to Happiness in Someone Else's Pocket


It's you (and only you!) who determines your happiness; so don't let anyone else stand in the way of your smile.

We'll Be Friends Until We Are Old and Senile... Then We'll Be New Friends

Maybe you went to kindergarten together or met when your own babies started school - no matter when you crossed paths, she's a friend that will stand the test of time and then some.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

Sitting back and keeping our lips zipped can be tough, but it's so freeing! Keep your eyes on your own drama and you might gain a bit of peace of mind. When in doubt, refer again to the first phrase in this list.

Kindness. It Doesn't Cost a Thing. Sprinkle that Shit Everywhere.

That's right - spread it all around the world. It's the free gift that we all have the ability to give.

It's Not Really Hoarding If You Have Cool Stuff

As long as it's interesting to you, it's valuable, right? Plus, you'll save a ton of time by NOT cleaning out those closets.

Inner Beauty is Great, But a Little Lipstick Never Hurt

Like mama always said, don't leave the house without your lips.