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7 Ways to Spruce Up for Fall

Autumn is on its way. Welcome the arrival of cooler temps and cozy nights with a few ideas to get your home in shape for the season.

1. Bring Out the Halloween Décor

Nothing says fall like a few colorful mums at your front door and a sprinkling of happy Halloween décor. Display Xanzabelle Witch and Norbert Vampire in your living room for kids and kids at heart to enjoy, and have a laugh thanks to the funny saying on these Little Sheets Ghosts.

2. Light a Candle

Shorter days mean longer nights. Enjoy the calm and quiet of the night by candlelight. This Artichoke Candle Set is a “natural” addition for the kitchen table.

3. Accessorize with Throw Pillows

Update the look of your couch or favorite chair in seconds by swapping out a few throw pillows. This Fancy Witch Hat Hook Pillow is a fun find for Halloween or this cozy velvet I Love Naps Pillow is an addition that works throughout the winter season.

4. Find Your New Favorite Teacup

Cooler temps may prompt you to linger with an extra cup of coffee or tea. Spruce up the kitchen or your breakfast nook with a new favorite cup or mug for sipping (we like the I’m So Fancy Teacup). And, don’t forget a new sugar and creamer set. How perfect is this Squirrel Sugar Bowl and Creamer to welcome fall?

5. Organize the Small Stuff

In the spring, we clean the major areas of our home—clearing out closets, dusting baseboards, and trashing, recycling, or donating pieces we no longer need. In the winter, we suggest focusing on the little things. For example, reorganize your silverware drawer or tidy up your jewelry area. This small catchall Kind Dishette is a perfect place to stow earrings, keys, or loose change.

6. Pot Indoor Plants

Prime gardening season may be over but you can still spruce up with a few indoor plants that will bring fresh air and vitality to your home throughout the cooler months. Pot succulents in this Please Don’t Die Planter and cross your fingers they will last through the season.

7. Reimagine Your Walls

You don’t have to go so far as to paint or wallpaper your walls to give them new life, simply change out your artwork or hanging plaques. We like pieces that have a special meaning or that were gifted by a person who is near and dear to us. Our The Only Reason God Didn’t Plaque can be a sweet combination of both when you receive or give it to a friend.