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8 Ideas to Savor Summer

If summertime doesn’t make you feel like a kid again, we don’t know what will. From lazy days at the pool and family beach trips to going barefoot and smelling the flowers, we’ve rounded up eight ways to relish the last days of the season.

1. Hit Up the Farmer’s Market.

Peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, or corn—whatever your favorite summer fruits and vegetables may be, they won’t be in season for much longer. Now is the time to head to the nearest stand to stock up. Make a meatless meal with your favorite selections and consider purchasing extra to freeze and enjoy throughout the fall and winter.

2. Go Barefoot.

Kick off your shoes and kick up your heels. There’s something about traipsing around the lawn and feeling the grass between your toes that epitomizes summer. So go ahead, leave your shoes on the porch.

3. See the Sun Rise and Set.

Summer’s days are the longest on the calendar—yet they seem to slip by faster than any. Get up early one morning to do nothing but watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee in hand. Then take a break from the day to watch the sun set. We suggest getting this matching coffee mug and wine glass set for the occasion.

4. Eat Ice Cream.

Whether you pick a cup or a cone, make it a double scoop! The hot days of summer are the best time of year to savor this treat.

5. Host a Pool Party.

Dive into the last days of summer by inviting your crew for one last swim. Whether you head to the community pool, a water park, or your own backyard, see our guide to hosting a quick-and-easy pool party here.

6. Cut Fresh Flowers.

Pick some posies and place them in a vase (we love this ‘Make Today Beautiful’ option) to bring their beauty indoors. Having fresh flowers throughout your house is one of the pleasures of the season you can enjoy long after the days of summer fade.

7. Dine Al Fresco.

Gain a new perspective by taking your lunch or dinner outdoors. Even better, host a group of friends and set up a table and chairs outside where you can all enjoy the sights and sounds of nature together.

8. Squeeze in a Last-Minute Beach or Lake Trip.

Not ready to part with your weekend beach or lake trips? Pack up for one last hurrah and devote a few days to relaxing in the sun and doing all seven of the other things on this list. You’re sure to arrive home rested, rejuvenated, and ready for the next season.

What’s your favorite way to savor summer? Tell us in the comments.