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Find Your Coffee Personality

If the saying you are what you eat holds true for coffee, then we've got just the thing for every java addict out there: mugs that match what you drink. In the spirit of fun, we've matched your coffee choice with a mug that describes its characteristics. From sweet sayings for latte lovers to no-nonsense containers for black coffee, read on to find your fit.

Your Coffee: Americano
Your Mug: Good Morning Badass Mug

You're a no-nonsense kind of girl. That means you don't waste any of the room in your mug on sweeteners or cream. Fittingly, this mug cuts right to the point without any room for conversation fillers, if you will, and let's everyone know this is how you greet the day and the tasks at hand.

Your Coffee: Carmel Macchiato
Your Mug: But This Mouth Coffee Mug

You're equal parts sweet and powerful - just like your coffee. This mug expresses the sentiments of both you and your drink with a quote that let's everyone know you're the perfect blend.

Your Coffee: Mocha Peppermint Latte
Your Mug: Laverne and Shirley Mugs

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. That's how you take your coffee. And, you're likely to enjoy it most when you're sipping with a friend. This Laverne and Shirley Mug Set is a great option for girlfriends who like to linger over their morning java.

Your Coffee: Nonfat Soy Latte
Your Mug: Seeds of Happiness Mug

You opt for a nonfat soy version of a classic to keep you feeling your best throughout the day - and you drink it from a mug that was handcrafted in the USA, meaning you've made several thoughtful choices before the day starts.

Your Coffee: Irish Coffee
Your Mug: My Crazy Aunt Mug

You like your coffee with a little something extra, if you get our drift. We don't judge. Pour yourself a cup in the My Crazy Aunt Mug, and you'll fit right in with the rest of the family.

Your Coffee: Cold Brew
Your Mug: Floral Coffee Tumbler

You prefer your coffee cold, but that doesn't mean you sacrifice taste. This mellow, rounded out version of a traditional cup of Joe is something we'll see you sipping any time of day. That's what makes this floral travel mug so great; it keeps concoctions cold or hot and is ready to walk with you through the day.