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Host a Pool Party TODAY!

It’s time to be spontaneous! You don’t need weeks of planning or formal invitations to host an afternoon gathering of friends. Throw caution to the wind with an impromptu gathering of friends at your home or neighborhood pool. Start by calling up a few pals and then add one, two, or all of these ideas to the mix to make the afternoon fun and memorable.

Spruce Up The Space

Add a bit of décor to the outdoor area for an extra festive feel. We love these Glass Flamingo Solar Stakes that can light up the night. For day parties, consider hanging a banner or adding balloons (if temperatures allow).

Create a Playlist

Music can make a party. Whether your group loves rock, country, pop, or any other genre, make a mix to get them grooving. We suggest adding summer crowd favorites such as Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville,” Olivia Newton-John’s “Summer Nights,” and The Drifters “Under the Boardwalk.

Fill Their Glasses

Stay hydrated with plenty of H2O or sparkling water. Add chunks of fresh-cut fruit for a flavorful treat. Later in the day, serve wine in these Mermaid Wine Glasses that are sure to give everyone a laugh. Prefer a tropical libation? Try our daiquiri recipe.

And Offer Snacks

Don’t forget the food. Spread nuts, a cracker mix, or candies in these pool-themed Flip Flop Trinket Dishes. We also love this Whale Cookie Jar to store cookies for both kids and kids at heart.

Dress the Part

Of course you’ll be sporting your swimsuit, but you can add a little extra flair with a cover-up, cute flip flops, or a hat. We especially love this wide-brimmed Cocktail Please Sun Hat. You might also grab a bright and happy towel like this Round Mandala Beach Blanket.

Float Their Boat

If it’s a warm day, chances are your guests will spend the majority of their time in the pool. Fill the water with rafts, noodles, and rings to make their time more enjoyable.

Now kick back, relax, and enjoy your people. And, don’t forget the sunscreen! No one wants to be a tomato come morning!