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Jumpstart Your Health in 2019: Five-Minute Ideas

Welcome to 2019! If health and happiness were at the top of your goal list for the year, we're behind you all the way. That's why we're kicking January off with three quick ideas to get you thinking healthy. Read on to find one or more that work for you.

Start Your Day with “Me Time”

Spend five minutes each morning on your mental health by clearing the brain clutter. Write out a list of plans or goals for the day. Track your thoughts in a journal or release any worries by writing them on little slips of paper to stow away in a box like this Give It to God Box.

Spend Five Minutes in Motion

It doesn’t matter what you do—walking, yoga, aerobics, or weights—just get your body moving. Start with five minutes and work your way up to a 30-minute regimen. Before you realize it, you’ll be looking forward to this time each day. You know the benefits are immeasurable for both your physique and your mind, so don’t delay.

Plan Your Meals

We all know planning can be key in any area of life—even when it comes to what you’re eating. Don’t leave dinner to chance, thinking you’ll grab something in between work and dropping the kids at play practice. Instead, spend just five minutes on Sunday writing out the meals you and your family will have for the week. Take it one step further by making your grocery list or doing meal prep to eliminate a few steps that, if delayed, could stand in the way of your commitment to healthy eating.