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Meet Blingsting Founder: Andi Atteberry

Blingsting products are designed to empower women and give them a sense of security. From glam-styled pepper spray to pink first-aid kits, the company knows that women not only want to have the tools to be safe, they want them to be pretty. Here, Andi Atteberry, founder of the Dallas-based company, shares a bit of Blingsting’s history along with a couple of tips to help keep you safe.

Femail Creations: How did Blingsting get its start?

Andi Atteberry: My dad wanted mom and I to be safe, so he bought us pepper spray at the hardware store. He would always ask “why don’t you have your pepper spray with you?” And we told him if it were pink and sparkly we would carry it—and so would all women. At the time, I was living in NYC and working in sales. I took my bonus check that year to make 5,000 units of the pepper spray and almost all of it sold immediately. We were featured in Cosmopolitan at the same time, and it began to take off. My dad is also responsible for thinking of the name Blingsting.


FC: Aside from your dad’s initial influence, why do you feel self-defense is such an important topic for women? And why did you want your safety products to be pretty?

AA: Every day, we see more and more stories on the news that make personal safety a topic that’s top of mind for everyone. I feel like girls really get our brand, and that’s important if you want them to be engaged and actually use the product. All of our products are non-lethal, very affordable, personal safety devices that can empower women. They are all practical but with a boutique trend look. Of course, you hope you never have to use any of these.

FC: Tell us a bit more about the different types of products you offer.

AA: Sure. We have a personal alarm called the Ahh!-larm that is like a purse charm that can clip onto your bag and produce a really, really loud sound when you press the panic button. We have a Glammer that is great for moms because it can cut seatbelts and help you to break out of your car in the event of an emergency. We have a First-aid Clutch with all the necessities you would find in a typical kit. We also offer a non-lethal Stunning Gun that gives a 1-2 second shock. It was the result of numerous requests from customers. And then, of course, we have the Pepper Spray.

FC: Other than carrying these products, do you have any safety tips for women?

AA: Yes, the biggest things I would note are stay off your phone and be aware. A lot of us are on our phones we are walking, whether that’s down a city street during the day or across campus at night. It’s hard to be aware if you are on your phone. I also recommend always taking your pepper spray with you—whether you are jogging or walking to work.