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Out-of-the-Box Ideas for a Girls' Night In

Girls. We just wanna have fun. But schedules and responsibilities some times take priority over getting together. Luckily there's no need for overboard decorum when it comes to hanging with the girls. Host an impromptu girls night in at your house with one of these easy-to-pull-together and fun ideas.

1. Sushi in Your Slippers

We know…it sounds like two things that don't go together. But, takeout sushi from your favorite local Asian restaurant and a night in your best, cozy slippers can truly be a perfect pairing. Tell your girls to bring their favorite pair of house shoes (may we suggest this "Better Late Than Ugly" pair?) and then get orders of your favorite rolls to enjoy while you chat about what's going on in your life and solve the problems of the world.

2. Wine in the Wild

It's OK. Everyone needs to whine with some wine from time to time. Whether you've got a particular crisis situation or you simply want to complain about the way your husband does (or does not!) load the dishwasher, grab a bottle of vino and these cute "Real Friends Just Clink" glasses, and head to a girlfriend's backyard where you can "release your feelings into the wild." Who knows, being outside may help to calm your fears and anxiety-plus, you may be able to enjoy the sounds of birds chirping or a wind chime ringing (like this glass butterfly option).

3. Movies and Makeovers

Women are the queens of multi-tasking. So, why can't you watch a chick flick while you get a pedicure or have a friend pluck your eyebrows? Round up all of your favorite polish colors, facial masks, and lotions or potions, then prop yourself up on a pillow, like this girl-gathering-friendly option, and relax. This girls night in get-together requires little prep but you and your guests are sure to leave feeling - and looking - better.