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The Dos and Don'ts of Surviving Thanksgiving

There’s something ironic about having to “survive” a day of gratitude. However, with the busyness of the season, the ever-increasing list of to-dos, and, of course, the arrival of family, it might be a good time to brush up on a few dos and don’ts to help you have the happiest Turkey Day.


Do Bring Wine

Not only will your relatives and friends thank you for being so generous and thoughtful, a glass of wine might steel your nerves for any unpleasant topic your Uncle Raymond or your long-lost cousin Barbara may bring to the table. We suggest making a toast to the occasion with this personalized wine glass, which will also help you keep tabs on your drink.


Don’t Count Calories

There are days to diet, and there are days to dig in. Thanksgiving clearly falls into the latter category. This holiday revolves around gratitude and food, so grab a fork (we like these cute hand-stamped utensils) and feast for the day.


Do Stock Up on Necessities

Whether you’re hosting a lunch or overnight guests, make sure you’ve got everything you need for friends and family to feel comfortable. For example, keep ice, drinks, and extra napkins in easy-to-find places when you’re serving a meal so guests can replenish as needed. For overnight company, stock up on toiletries (yes, this includes lavatory mist) and keep towels, snacks, and books or magazines out for them.


Don’t Isolate Your Yourself

If the holidays are sticky for you, stick to the buddy system. Find a friend and tag team the gathering. This might be a spouse, a sibling, or any other confidant who gets you. You can even make a game of it by using code words when it’s time to head out.

Do Bring a Hostess Gift

Nothing breaks the ice like a little treat to thank the hostess. Not sure what to get? Candles, baked goods, and tea towels with witty or wise words are always a good option. We like this cheeky “You will eat it and you will like it” towel.

Don’t Stress

Most importantly, just relax and remember to breathe. Even if the day seems daunting, it can actually be a beautiful time of togetherness, deepened relationships, and, yes, gratitude. Keep that thought in mind and look down at this “Just Breathe” bracelet if you need a reminder.