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The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Season

Wedding season is here! Follow “the rules” and celebrate the bride and groom you love with a little help from these suggestions.

DO pamper the bride. She’s dreamed of this day for years, so let her bask in the glow of being in love with a few just-for-fun gifts that are fit for a bride. May we suggest the “Happy Wife” hat, an RBF (resting bride face) cosmetic bag, or a sweet heart dishette for her new bling?

DON’T forget the groom. Give him a pair of “In Case of Cold Feet” socks (also available for brides) and a plaque that gives him free reign to love her annoyingly.

DON’T offer marital advice. Everyone loves to dish out sage pieces of wisdom, but we’ve found it can be best to hold your tongue until it is solicited.

DO offer encouragement and support. If you’re hosting a shower or engagement party, have guests drop a note with well wishes into this keepsake jar. The pair can read and re-read the thoughts for years to come.

DON’T wear white to the wedding. It’s the bride’s day to shine—not yours.

DO look fab-u-lous in any other shade. If you choose a neutral shade, give the look a punch of color with earrings, a necklace (try this charming heart option), or a wrap in a vivid hue.

DON’T opt for a vacuum cleaner as a gift—or any small appliance for that matter. No one wants to be remembered as “the one who sent that lovely toaster.”

DO select a gift that shows your love for the couple. We like this sweet “Two Shall Become One” plaque. You might also choose something that not only shows your admiration for them but also reflects your personality.

DO show the MOB and MOG some love, too. Planning a wedding is a family affair and they can use your support. These mugs will hold enough coffee to fuel the festivities and there’s an option for both the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom.

DON’T forget dear old dad. Make pulling out his checkbook (once again) a little easier to swallow with imprinted old-fashioned glasses.