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The Ins and Outs of Valentine's Celebrations

For some, a night on the couch commandeering the remote and eating home-cooked cuisine constitutes a perfect Valentine's Day. For others, it's a night on the town with all the bells and whistles. Find ideas for both date-friendly and girls' night celebrations here.

For a Date Night In

If you're a busy parent - or just a busy couple - a night at home with your sweetheart could be just what you crave. If you love to cook, spend time together in the kitchen creating a meal you can savor. If cooking is not your thing, pick up your favorite takeout. Either way, don't forget to add a chocolate treat to the menu!

After dinner settle in for a movie you both love or give each other a massage. The most important rule about a date night in is making sure you set boundaries, so you don't feel the need to check work emails or get distracted with a load of laundry that needs to be folded. Focus your time and energy on the art of being together and enjoying each other's company.

For a Galentines' Night In

It's time to pamper yourself! Organize a girls gathering with all of your favorite people and things. Poll the group beforehand for movie and meal options. Then, put each friend in charge of bringing one item. For example, have the beauty guru bring her supply of nail polishes and face masks, and the chef of the group can whip up a dessert or meal (if she's feeling inspired)!  Don't forget your slippers (we love this option)!

For a Date Night Out

Spending Valentine's night out on the town can be the perfect way to connect with your guy. But, it does take a bit of planning. If you're thinking of heading to a restaurant, make sure you grab a reservation early. The two of you can dress up and pretend you're back on your first date - without the awkwardness! Not into the formal scene? A date night out at a food truck park, the local arcade, or the bowling alley can be the perfect way to spend time together - and if you want to make the date night a family affair, these venues are great for kids.

For a Galentines' Night Out

Let's be real, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to plan a girls' night out. Think good food, good wine, and good conversation. Whether your gang prefers bustling downtown restaurants or more secluded, off-the-beaten path venues, plan for a lingering meal and then head to a second stop for after-dinner drinks or - in the spirit of Valentine's Day - a post-dinner treat.