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They Call It Puppy Love: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pooch

Think Fetching & Catching

Frisbees, tennis balls, and squeaky toys; these are a few of your dog’s favorite things. Toss a toy down your hallway for your Maltese, or play Frisbee in the backyard with your Lab. Get the whole family involved for an activity that can burn energy and promote togetherness.

Play Dress Up

When you look good, you feel good—and we’re not just talking about humans; the same goes for dogs. Whether it’s a new bandana, like this superhero option, a collar, or a leash, a few new accessories are sure to have your pup’s tail wagging.

Make New Friends

Head to the dog park and both you and Fido are likely to meet new pals. Plus, your dog can enjoy the obvious benefit of exercise. In many urban areas, dog parks have evolved into owner/pet venues that serve food and beverages—meaning you can both relax after a long day. Cheers to that!

Cuddle on the Couch

Rainy days, Sunday afternoons, and those times when you aren’t feeling your best—these are all perfect opportunities to cuddle up with your pup. Pop a bowl of popcorn to share, choose between drama and comedy, grab a pillow (we love the one shown here), and simply relax.

Take a Hike (or at least a walk!)

Grab a leash (check out this cute leash hook) and head to the great outdoors with your best friend. Check your state park listings for dog-friendly trails and make an afternoon of exploring a few wide, open spaces. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a portable bowl to keep you both hydrated.