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Trick or Treat Yourself

Halloween is just around the corner. Will you play it nice with a treat-filled celebration or throw in a few playful tricks? As the day nears here are a few ideas for both. We’ll let you decide: trick or treat?

Trick: Front-Door Scare

Think beyond opening the door with a bowl of candy and give your trick-or-treaters (who are of a reasonable age) a bit of a fright. For example, hide behind the door and slowly pull it open to reveal a goblin holding the treats. Or, play spooky music with ghostly sounds or claps of thunder that seem to accelerate as the little ghouls get closer to your door.

Treat: Dinner and a Movie

If you’re not into the hubbub of Halloween, place a bowl full of candy on your front stoop and head indoors to treat yourself. Cook a delicious dinner, open a bottle of wine—don’t forget a festive wine glass— and tune into one of the many scary movies playing on television. Add a pair of cozy socks and we’d say you have the perfect evening.

Trick: A Prank Call

The invention of Caller I.D. really took away the fun of a good old-fashioned prank call. While you may not be able to call just anyone to ask if his or her refrigerator is running, you can still trick those you know best. Ring up a buddy and let your imagination run wild with a monster of a tale (maybe you came into a large inheritance or maybe you need bail money?!?). Just when you think you have them hook, line, and sinker, tell them the joke is on them.

Treat: Dead Ringer Hot Chocolate

If you prefer a different kind of “ring,” dial up a good time with a cup of Dead Ringer Hot Chocolate. Don’t forget a cute mug that’s sure to help you savor the cool days of fall while you drink your hot chocolate.

Trick: A Less-Than-Tasty Pie

Get your friends at the office with an age-old trick. Offer them a slice of what appears to be Peanut Butter Pie. However, instead of peanut butter create the filling from refried beans and top with a heavy portion of whipped cream. Be sure to ask who wants seconds.

Treat: A Goodie Bag

You don’t have to be going door-to-door for candy to appreciate this statement bag. Whether you’re toting sweats and shoes to the gym or party supplies to a friend’s, we can all agree this bag is totes fun.